Fill a Shopping Cart

Think about how much you spend every time you go to the grocery store. It adds up quickly. How would you fill your shopping cart if you lost your job, were unable to work due to illness, or lost your spouse whose income you depend on? How full would your cart be if you 50-hours a week but at minimum wage, and also had to pay rent, utilities, and other bills?

Getting enough to eat is a problem people in our community face every day. But YOU can help. YOU can fill a shopping cart for a person, a family, or several families.

The average American family spends $150 each week on groceries.

  • $50 will fill a cart for an individual for a week
  • $150 will fill a cart for a family of four
  • $500 will feed a family for the month of December
Donate by Check to Open Table

Donate By Check

To donate by Check, please make the check payable to Open Table, Inc. and mail it to us at:

Open Table Concord 
P.O. Box 42
Concord, MA 01742


Donate Online

Make a donation online with your credit card or PayPal account:

Keep the Doors Open

The paint has dried, the appliances are humming, and the artwork is hung. Two years’ worth of hard work has finally come to fruition.

On August 7, Open Table’s new home opened for business. Offering three afternoons for scheduled market pick-ups, and a Tuesday night community dinner, the space at 33 Main Street in Maynard has been serving close to 300 families weekly.

Some of these people have been coming for more than a decade; others just found us recently. All have expressed gratitude for a safe space to receive food and community to keep their families going.

YOU helped make this happen. YOUR donations bring the food, pay the utility bills, and cover the costs of maintaining a building. With YOUR help, we can continue to offer people a place to be nourished. We hope we can count on YOU to make a donation to this year’s Annual Appeal.

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What are our guests saying about our new space?

“I really like having my own appointment time.”

Our new appointment system gives guests a specific time to pick up their groceries, without having to wait in line, and lets us expand our pantry hours to three days instead of two.

“I like that my kids have a place to sit and color and be kids.”

The front corner of the dining room boasts a kid-sized table and chairs, along with a bookshelf filled with age-appropriate books and a cabinet filled with craft supplies.

“When I come to dinner I feel as though I ought to leave a tip. The servers are better than most
restaurants. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful.”

It’s just what we wanted to hear.

Dinner in Concord - My Second Home

By Julie Neubauer

I have been a guest at Open Table for over 10 years. I attend the dinners not just for the wonderful meals, but also for the friendships I have made with other guests.

My friends at my “regular” table in Concord on Thursday nights come from different ethnic
backgrounds. Some are older than me, some are younger. They all come for the combination of great food, friendships and emotional support they get here.

At that table, we are a family. We worry if someone is absent. When one of our long-time friends became ill recently, we all wrote cards, which I then brought to her. Our friend cried with joy at all the cards and was happy to be “in touch” with her “Open Table” family.

Over the years, the dinners in Concord have become my second home, where I feel like the theme song from the TV show “Cheers” could play in the background as I walk in. Everybody there does know my name, which makes me feel special and safe in a world that can be so tough.

Open Table has always been there for me, and I will always be so grateful for all of their support.

Annual Appeal Community Dinner