Securing a Permanent Home to Provide for Those in Need

Open Table is facing an exciting challenge, and we need your help. To date we have been preparing and serving our community suppers and housing our food pantries in limited rented spaces in Concord, Maynard and Sudbury. When we lose these spaces, as we have many times, it interrupts the source of food for people in real need. Our clients already live with the stress of hunger, in addition to their many other challenges.

We need a permanent home to overcome space constraints, co-locate a community supper with a food pantry in Maynard, and assure a more stable, reliable food source for the families and individuals that count on us each week. Having our own site will be a real game changer. With dedicated refrigeration and freezer space, a fully-equipped kitchen, and permanent dining and pantry locations, we will be able to provide three essential elements that we currently lack:

  • A stable environment and a reliable source of food for the members of our community in need;
  • Anonymity for our pantry guests, who wish to visit outside of busy community supper hours; and
  • More refrigerated and frozen storage space, allowing emergency food storage and providing the opportunity to accept more perishable donations from local sources.

More importantly, we can reimagine Open Table as a gathering space for the community, with a focus on healthy living. With a facility we can expand our programs to include menu-planning, budgeting, cooking demonstrations, workshops on living with chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart ailments, and partnerships with local agencies such as the Council on Aging and Boys and Girls Clubs.

Please join us and make an investment in our community, which will be durable evidence of the goodness of the human spirit, for decades to come. Our Capital Campaign will help to make this a reality.

You Can Make This Happen!

Please join us in setting the table, the community table. With your help we will open the doors on a permanent home in which we can continue to care for families and create community.  You can donate to the Open Table Capital Campaign below.

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