New to Open Table?

All are welcome to our Community Dinners; no paperwork or appointment times are necessary.

If you’d like to get groceries from our pantry, you will need to schedule an appointment time. Please come to our pantry during our regular hours. Bring proof of date of birth and current residency for all family members who would like food assistance.


Guest Programs

Open Table has a variety of guest programs in two locations to support those in need. We also hope to provide a welcoming, friendly environment for all who wish to join us.

  • Community Dinners
    At our community dinners, held at our Concord and Maynard locations, guests are served a healthy and nutritious meal, including dessert and coffee.
  • Pantry Shopping
    Pantry Shopping is provided at our Maynard location. Pantry items include bags of non-perishable groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and other staples.
  • Support Services
    Open Table works with partnering organizations to provide guests with support services such as legal and medical advice, information about housing or fuel assistance, and other services.

Guest Services News

Hours of Operation

Holidays & Snow Days

All Are Welcome

Everyone is welcome at Open Table!

Currently over 75 different zip codes are represented by our guests, though most come from the local Metro West area.

Why do people come to Open Table and what benefits might you receive there?

At Open Table guests can:

  • Enjoy friendship and community
  • Receive groceries and fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Enjoy a nutritious meal
  • Connect to others in the community
  • Find people to talk to
  • Learn about other community resources
  • Allow your budget to go a little further to pay for other expenses

How do guests learn about Open Table?

  • word of mouth
  • referrals
  • friends and family
  • school counselors
  • health care professionals

Open Table promotes its services through brochures at the local Council on Aging and town social work offices.  We have information at the local libraries and brochures at community events like Farmers’ markets and festivals.

Open Table Locations

Open Table Maynard

33 Main Street, Maynard MA 01754

33 Main Street, Maynard MA


Open Table Concord Deliveries

105 Everett Street, Concord MA

105 Everett Street, Concord MA Next to the armory Entrance in the back


Open Table Concord

20 Lexington Road, Concord MA

First Parish Church 20 Lexington Road Concord, MA


Guest Parking at 33 Main

Guest Parking Map
33 Main-1e

Please park in the Municipal Parking Lot across from the Fine Arts Theatre. There is free and metered parking.

Please do NOT park on Main Street unless you have a medical need to be close by.

From Parking Lot to Open Table

Walk on the sidewalk down the public alley, passing directly in front of El Huipil and The Brook restaurants. When you reach Main Street, turn left and continue on the sidewalk until you reach Open Table at 33-37 Main Street.

After You Shop/Dine

If you will have difficulty carrying your groceries to your vehicle, leave your groceries at the door. Retrieve your vehicle and drive up to one of the two (2) parking metered spots in front of the buuilding that are covered with a bag that says “No Parking”. Volunteers will help you load your groceries into you car.

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