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Boston MetroWest Bible Church Youth Group Volunteers at Open Table

On Saturday March 31st, 20 young people (age 12 to 17 years) from the Boston MetroWest Bible Church in Littleton donated an afternoon to volunteer at Open Table. The group wanted to offer their help to a local non-profit on Saturday as part of their fasting and reflection on Easter weekend.

After a tour where they learned about Open Table’s mission and services, they were divided into five work teams each with its own mission! The team choices were the Creatives, the Freezers, the Re-Stockers, the Cleaners and the Inside/Outies. The tasks were on a white board and each team chose its own leader and got to work!

The “Creatives” used window markers, paint and chalk to magically brighten up the outside of Open Table with flowers, vegetables and a welcome to all. The Freezers came prepared with gloves and jackets and started re-stocking the market merchandisers with frozen goods, making trips to Big Papi and then braving the chill of the walk-in freezer. The Re-Stockers grabbed and stocked heavy cases of canned and dry goods on the shelves while the Cleaners emptied the kitchen refrigerator to clean it out as well as all the kitchen surfaces. Inside/Outies got to enjoy the nice weather sweeping, breaking down boxes and painting the safety pole so that our food delivery trucks don’t back into Open Table!

The teams were good natured and work hard despite fasting and only stopping to drink fruit juices and water. After a couple of hours, everyone got a tour to admire their hard work and results. They were so inspired they asked if they could return to Open Table as a group every month!

The volunteers were:

  • Olivia Wang
  • Marcus T Huang
  • Chelsea Zhou
  • Annabella Chen
  • Kelsey Chen
  • Amy Chen
  • Aidan Liu
  • Kaylee Liu
  • Katherine Chen
  • Ruiqui Luo
  • Alicia Yang
  • Anna Wu
  • Roy Yoon
  • Annie Zian
  • Wendy Wu
  • Olivia Yang
  • Jason Lei
  • Evan Wang
  • Jonathan Lin