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SOS Kitchen – Episode 2

In the second episode of SOS Kitchen, the dynamic duo of Chef Luke Giroux from the Meadowbrook School in Weston and Chef David Ayotte from the Fenn School in Concord team up to cook prepared meals from our surplus food. Watch them cook up Southwest roasted chicken over rice pilaf with a creamed corn and three pepper sauce and with charred baby onions and basil sauce.

Open Table’s SOS Kitchen challenges local chefs and our talented kitchen crew to create beautiful, healthy, and delicious meals from our surplus foods. In our SOS Kitchen YouTube series, we’ll be giving you peeks into the kitchen to see the team in action!

Each week we create hundreds of prepared meals for our guests. Prepared meals are great for busy families, seniors, those with limited cooking facilities or skills, or anyone who just needs a break from a night in the kitchen.

We are fortunate to receive many donations of fresh produce, proteins, nonperishables, and other foods. At times we receive larger quantities of some items than we can distribute to guests in a week, commercial-size packages of items that can’t be re-packaged for families, or items that are still good but need to be used quickly. Our SOS Team creatively uses these “surplus” items and more to create our meals. Sometimes the combination of ingredients can be challenging. What can you make with salsa black beans, coconut, peanut butter, and Fluff? Check back regularly to see what’s cooking!