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Holiday Splurge Bags

This Thanksgiving we have volunteers creating special Holiday Splurge Bags to be distributed to our guests before Thanksgiving. These bags have high value holiday items in them that Open Table can’t normally provide; things that make holiday time special, such as fancy nuts, dried fruits, dried sausage, sparkling cider, etc.

We are sending a big thank you to our friends Laurie Cadigan and K.C. Winslow at Barrett Sotheby’s International Realty for their 24 bags and Pam and Wendy from the Dover Street Neighborhood in Concord for their 10 bags. We can only do these special programs #withalittlehelpfromourfriends !

We are loving the enthusiasm our community is showing for putting together Thanksgiving Holiday Bags. This is Teagan Piper and Brynn Chaffee making Holiday Bags on behalf of the Concord-Carlisle Community Chest
and the items Concord’s Blueberry Lane neighbors put together. These bags will help our guests enjoy their holiday #withalittlehelpfromourfriends!
We have another similar opportunity coming up for December, so stay tuned for details!