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New Volunteer Manager

It’s Gretchen Findlay, who has a long history of volunteering herself. Before coming to Open Table two years ago and lending her time and energy, she established and managed her OWN nonprofit, Bicycles 4 Humanity Boston. They collect, repair and ship used bicycles to Botswana, Africa, providing mobility to people in need. So she was a natural to put in the position of overseeing our own volunteers.

Says Gretchen, “I am passionate about the mission to relieve food insecurity, love working at the welcoming environment at OT, and feel a sense of community with volunteers working there.” We are happy to have her here, too.

Of course, this means we say farewell to Heather Hernandez as Volunteer Manager but fortunately not goodbye. Heather has made many contributions to Open Table, including successfully implementing pool coordinators and an orientation and placement system. We are happy that she will continue supporting and training our new Volunteer Manager, and has volunteered to handle our donations processing. We wish her well as she focuses more time at home and look forward to working with her in her new role.