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Saluting our Unsung Heroes

Who are the people who made sure no one went hungry during this pandemic year? Some pretty amazing people.

As the leader of Open Table, I’m humbled by the incredible commitment of our volunteers to end hunger. Many of our longtime volunteers pivoted from in-person volunteering to joining the ranks of board members and administrative volunteers to work remotely.

Then there were those “in-person” volunteers who, despite risking contracting the virus – came anyway. Transporting, sorting, packing, distributing cooking food, and cleaning up! On the eve of their eligibility for receiving the vaccine – we salute all of our unsung heroes!

We couldn’t have distributed over 600,000 lbs of food without you! Here are the unsung heroes of the pandemic year (view on website).

Thank you,
Jeanine Calabria
Executive Director, Open Table

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