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Proximity and Choice

As the Commonwealth reports in this article, many who are food insecure do not get the support they need to due issues of proximity and choice.

“In addition to increased proximity, food insecure individuals reiterated consistently that lack of choice in the food available to them is a top concern. One respondent noted that they are unable to eat most food from food pantries due to allergies. Others pointed to cultural preferences and dietary restrictions that limit the foods they eat. “

This is why we are committed to giving choices in our online ordering system that help with special dietary and cultural needs. We are not only concerned with food security, but with food sovereignty. You can help us meet this commitment and take action during #HungerActionMonth by donating or volunteering today!

And join us for our Annual Meeting where our keynote speaker, Katie Martin, will discuss these issues and we’ll speak to how Open Table is hoping to address them.