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Newspaper, Keyboard, And Open Table Coffee Cup

Open Table on Channel 5

We were thrilled to welcome WCVB Channel 5 Boston into our kitchen this morning for a glimpse into our Thanksgiving preparations! We are offering our clients a choice of either delicious, fully-prepared traditional Thanksgiving meals or a frozen turkey and all of the ingredients for a make-at-home festive meal. Some of our clients lack cooking facilities, particularly for cooking a large turkey, or don’t have a family to cook for and/or time to do so; prepared meals allow them to still enjoy a holiday meal at home.

Channel 5 produced a wonderful piece that showcased our operations and highlighted how important a holiday meal is to every family this time of year. Thank you, Channel 5, and thanks to our staff members and volunteers who kept doing their good work as the cameras rolled.

If you missed the piece, you can watch it here: