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Thank you for purchasing supplies and supporting Open Table!

If you wish to be reimbursed for your expense, please submit the receipt(s) and expense details. Only expenses incurred by volunteers and staff on the pre-approved list will be reimbursed; if you are not on the approved list (or don’t know if you are), please check with your director.

  1. Please use the Open Table scanner or use your phone to copy all receipts.  “Genius Scan” is a great app for your phone that can be used to produce a more clear copy of a receipt if you don’t have access to a scanner.
  2. Send all scanned receipts to:  [email protected] or use the expense reimbursement form here.
  3. Please include with all receipts:
    • name of person being reimbursed,
    • address where check should be sent,
    • e-mail or phone number in case of questions,
    • purpose of item you purchased.
  4. Any receipt over $500 will need to be approved by the executive director, Jeanine Calabria, before being submitted.

Reimbursement Form

    Acceptable file types are jpg, jpeg, pdf, png, and gif
    File size limited to 2MB