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Take the Open Table Quiz

How much do you know about Open Table and the issues of food insecurity in eastern Massachusetts? Take the quiz and find out. You might learn something while doing so! The quiz is now on our home page.

The quiz is a modified version of the Survivor Game that was played at the Volunteer Appreciation party on September 27, 2016. The game was won by Kerry Munroe and her pantry group won the Survivor Game. Congratulations to Joyce Weissman, Anna Willis, Kathe Faltzer, Judy Neilson, Kerry Munro, Amy Newell and Johanna Higgins who are truly experts in all things Open Table.  And the second place team was SO CLOSE – Ariana and Eric Fonnesbeck, Sally and Fran Warner, Georgine Feldt, Judy Sum, Susan Jancourtz and Lyneath Floyd are also Open Table experts. We are so fortunate to have all of them on our team.

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