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Ride for Food 2023

Open Table 2023 Ride for Food team

The 2023 Ride for Food was held on a gorgeous, early fall day (Sunday, October 1). Members of our fun team were joined by volunteers, friend and family to raise funds for our food programs. There is still time to donate to help the team reach our goal!

Support the Team!

Support your favorite “rider” or cheer on the whole team. Make a donation to help end hunger in our community. Every dollar helps!

What a Ride!

Hooray for the Open Table team! The Open Table team gathered with over 300 other riders, walkers, volunteers, friends, and family to raise critical funds to fight hunger and advocate for an equitable food system for all. We are hope you are inspired by these photos (many from our wonderful photographer, Colin Valentine) and consider supporting the 2023 team!

Open Table 2023 Ride for Food team

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We Have a FUN Team!