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If you find it financially difficult to provide daily nutritious lunch and snacks for your kids while they attend summer programs (or just play at home), Open Table can help!

Open Table’s WEEKLY Kid Lunch and Snack Packs contain:

  • 4 individually portions snack foods such as granola bars, goldfish crackers, apples, raisins, and fruit cups
  • 4 lunches such as wrap sandwiches, veggies and dips, fruit salads and cheese, and pasta salads
  • 4 water or juice boxes


Our packs are always peanut free.

Select a lunch, snack, and drink each day for your child’s lunch box or bag.

Kids Packs will be available starting July 12th and can be picked up at our location:

Open Table
33 Main Street, Maynard
Mondays or Tuesdays, 4-6pm

To guarantee availability, packs must be reserved in advance.

To reserve packs for your children, simply fill out our online form below.
If you need further assistance, contact us at or call 978-344-2079.

Kids Packs will be available starting July 12th.