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Kids Food Programs

During the summer, Open Table provides weekly lunch and snack packs through our Fuel Up for Summer program. Year round, we provide weekly Kids Bags for all families with children, and have kid-friendly healthy and yummy prepared meals for families on the go or those with limited cooking facilities.

Sample Kids Bag Contents

Kids Bags

Families with children 12 and under can receive Kids Bags for each child with their weekly groceries from our pantry programs. The bags, which can be ordered online or in person, include shelf-stable, packaged items such as:

  • juices and milks
  • cereal or oatmeal packs
  • fruit cups
  • snacks like granola bars, fruit bars, nuts, crackers, and veggie puffs
  • easy-to-prepare meals such as macaroni and cheese, other pastas, and soups

The bags are often decorated with fun, handmade designs, and may contain small surprises such as pencils, markers, stickers, or mini-toys, adding fun to the week.

If you are interested in helping to decorate and fill bags or donate food needed to supply the bags, please check out our Kids Bags page HERE

The Fuel Up for Summer program has ended for 2023. We’re looking forward to providing lunches and snacks when kids are out of school again next summer!

Fuel Up for Summer

If you find it financially difficult to provide daily nutritious lunch and snacks for your kids while they attend summer programs (or just play at home), Open Table can help!

WEEKLY Kid Lunch and Snack Packs:

  • 3 lunches such as wrap sandwiches, veggies and dips, fruit salads and cheese, and pasta salads
  • 3 individually portioned snack foods, such as granola bars, goldfish crackers, apples, raisins, and fruit cups
  • 3 water or juice boxes
  • Select a lunch, snack, and drink each day for your child’s lunch box or bag
  • Our packs are always peanut free


Fuel Up For Summer sample lunch and snack pack