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Welcome to Maeve and Alannah

We are excited to bring two new staff members on board- Maeve Hall as our Program Associate and Alannah Gustavson as our Marketing and Development Associate. Both have served as volunteers at Open Table; Maeve began volunteering in 2021 and Alannah joined us in 2018.

Maeve spent over 25 years in software services prior to joining Open Table. She was a Distribution and Pick and Pack volunteer when “I saw the opportunity for the Program Associate, I jumped on it.” Maeve loves to travel, cook, read and host gatherings with family and friends. We asked what her favorite vegetable was and she said “it is hard to pick just one vegetable for me, I love most depending on how they are prepared.”

Alannah has been mostly behind-the-scenes running Open Table’s social media presence, but you may have seen her in a Turkey suit at Thanksgiving distribution or Halloween Costume handing out treats for Downtown Trick-or-Treat. She has also worked on many of our special events, including Chopped for Charity. She is looking forward to helping Open Table expand its community through social media, events, and marketing materials. Alannah is an avid home-cook who thinks “nothing is better than a leisurely Sunday dinner with loved ones.” If she had to choose a favorite vegetable, “it might have to be spinach because I remember that being a vegetable I have loved since childhood, so it just feels like home.”

Maeve Hale, Open Table's New Programs Associate
Maeve Hale, Programs Associate
Alannah Gustavson, Open Table's Marketing & Development Associate
Alannah Gustavson, Marketing & Development Associate