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Creating Kid's Bags

Each week the Open Table Concord Fresh Market Pantry provides child appropriate snack items for our pantry guests aged 12 and under.

Preparing individual “kid’s bags” is a wonderful group project and a fun way for children to get involved with helping others. The donated snack items may be packed in plastic bags or small paper bags with handles. The pantry serves approximately 100-150 children per week.  Your donation of any number of kid’s bags is appreciated!

We welcome any and all who wish to help by preparing Kid’s Bags full of healthy snacks for children. We ask that you register your activity with us so that we can best prepare for the donated items. We can help you with your drop-off plans if needed. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Our Suggestions for Making Kid’s Bags handout can be printed for reference in creating Kid’s Bags.

Suggestions for Making Kid’s Bags 

Make It Fun!

Make it Fun!

Use your imagination and decorate the kid’s bags. Use crayons, markers, or stickers.

Write fun notes, such as:

  • Have a Great Day!
  • Is it Friday yet?
  • Can’t wait for summer!

Include a surprise like a pencil, an eraser, or mini-notebook

Filling the Bags

Filling the Bags

Bags should contain about 5 items chosen from the list below:

  • 1 single serving 100% juice
  • 1 single serving shelf-stable chocolate milk
  • 1 snack sized cereal or oatmeal packet
  • 2 snack sized apple sauces, fruit cups, or puddings
  • 2 fruit based whole grain granola/snack bars
  • 1 small bag of crackers, pretzels, or popcorn or other grain snack
 Please label any bags with contents that contain peanuts or peanut butter!

 No candy please. No heavy cans.

Great Group Activity

Great Group Activity

Creating kid’s bags is a great activity for a group or organization.

  • Scout Troop
  • School Class
  • After-School Club
  • Faith Group
  • NCL or other Service Group
  • Company or Organization

Gather your group and work together to make Open Table kids happy!

Delivering Kid's Bags

Kid’s bags can be delivered to our 33 Main Street, Maynard location any time during our regular business hours. If you have a smaller number of Kid’s bags, they can be left at any of our donation bin locations. If you need help with delivery of your donation, please contact us at [email protected]. Thank you!