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Meals and Moms
Give to Honor Mom and the Meals She Made for You

DOUBLE THE MEALS! All donations are doubled!

Thank you!  You met the Cambridge Savings Bank Match with over $2500 (matched to $5,000) raised in just 4 days!

There’s still time left before Mother’s Day, and the Concord Lions Club has generously stepped in with an additional $2,000 match. Take this opportunity to donate and double the meals Open Table can provide for the households we serve.

$4781.81 Raised

It’s no secret that so many women have been economically devastated during COVID-19. Less money for food. More at-home school and childcare demands. And nothing in the budget to ease the month-after-month stress of it all with an occasional takeout family meal.

From March of 2020 through March of 2021 Open Table volunteers prepared and delivered 26,000 meals – compared to only 5,000 meals during that same span the previous year. Preparing meals is also an economical way OT uses the bounty of surplus perishable items it receives from area farms and other suppliers.

“We need to expand our capacity to meet the needs of the more than 500 additional possible recipients (via community partnerships) who want our mobile meals. We’re concerned that too many children are going hungry due to the COVID-19 economic strains on their families,” says Open Table Executive Director Jeanine Calabria.

I have been an Open Table client for almost five years, and am always surprised by the terrific variety of food and how healthy it is. The prepared meals are a good option that saves me time as the mom of two kids; I value it so much!

– Svitlana

Thank you for giving nutritious meals and groceries to an Open Table mom like Svitlana!

Give Nutritious Meals

Give Nutritious Meals

During the match, your donation provides double the nutritious meals and groceries to families in need.

Donate Online

Donate Online

Make a donation online with your credit card or PayPal account. Add your “mom’s” name and email address in the note field and we’ll send a notification of your gift.

Donate Now
Donate By Check

Donate By Check

To donate by Check payable to Open Table, Inc. mail it to us at:

Open Table Concord 
P.O. Box 42
Concord, MA 01742

*Note “MOM” on your check so that we can make sure it is matched!